Save the Date, Polonious World 2018 Thursday August 2

After the success of Polonious World 2017 we are looking forward to Polonious Wrold 2018 and hope to see you all again in Sydney, Australia. Save the date – Thursday August 2 for Polonious World 2018.

The Grace Hotel located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD has again been chosen as the venue of preference. Speakers from Australia, the USA, UK and New Zealand have been invited. The speakers have a wealth of experience across insurance, banking, education, law enforcement and private investigation. All have in common a drive to achieve professional outcomes with the highest level of integrity.

There will be over 100 guests and 12 speakers during the course of the day to deliver an insightful program packed with informative sessions coming from a range of expertise and industries.

This conference is a must for senior managers who are striving to improve investigation outcomes for clients, customers, students, and victims. The conference presents opportunities to mingle with industry peers while at the same time gather insights into case management issues and solutions in other industries.

We are sure this will be an exciting, educational and inspiring event and a great opportunity to exchange stimulating ideas. We look forward to seeing you there.

To secure your spot register here…

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7 Days to Polonious World 2017 – Register now to meet ‘Donnie Brasco’

Hurry last chance to register to meet Joseph D. Pistone aka ‘Donnie Brasco’

Joseph D. Pistone aka ‘Donnie Brasco’
In 1976, FBI agent Joe Pistone was given what would become the longest – and likely the most dangerous – undercover assignment in FBI history. Posing as a jewel thief under the alias of Donnie Brasco, Pistone infiltrated two New York Mafia families. He lived in the underworld of organized crime for 6 years. At times he was ordered to perform contract killings; the FBI helped the targets “disappear” to protect his cover. Information obtained by Pistone convicted more than 100 mobsters and helped break such cases as the infamous “Pizza Connection” heroin ring.
When Pistone’s identity finally was revealed, mob chieftains put a $500,000 bounty on his head. Joe Pistone’s personal account of this remarkable experience was chronicled in the 1997 crime drama, “Donnie Brasco” starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino.
Joe spent 27 years as a Special Agent of the FBI and 22 years in the Undercover field. He spent 6 years Undercover in the Mafia as Donnie Brasco. He lectures and teaches Undercover and Organized Crime in too many countries to name.

Register here.

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Polonious World 2017 – SureFact Australia Sponsor Profile

“Polonious is pleased to announce  SureFact Australia Pty Ltd (“SureFact”) have signed up as a sponsor for Polonious World 2017SureFact have been increasing productivity, profitability and competitive advantage with Polonious case management for over four years.

SureFact is a privately owned investigations company providing tailored solutions to insurance companies, large corporate organisations, small to medium businesses, law firms and government agencies.

The SureFact team is focused on providing timely and accurate information to insurers and other clients to enable the development of effective strategies for early and durable claim resolution.

Places for Polonious World 2017 are strictly limited and entry is free for registered delegates. Register here or contact Andrew Simpson on 0474 149041 email [email protected]


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