Take control of your sales process and sales staff.

Tired of multiple data sources, paying for two systems, merging lists etc. Stop and invest in solution that can be your CRM as well.

With a software solution that is based on business process that enables users to define metrics, roles and relationships it is a no brainer to build your CRM into your investigation management software.

This allows your sales team to contribute valuable data about our clients that spans back to the very formation of your relationship. Rates, deals, contracts and all communications including account reviews are available as a base of knowledge for your organization.

Not only does this save on the cost of a separate CRM solution the it enables management to measure the the performance of the sales team and all other aspects of their business from one central solution.

As the relationship develops and you allow the clients to log in and view and even review your work those metrics can also be collected and surfaced to the client during regular account reviews involving them even further in the process.

Reports allow you to monitor which client contacts are choosing you to do their investigations and monitors any increase or decrease over time. This allows your team to act quickly when they see a trend that needs their attention.

Sales teams log in from anywhere in the same way as investigators or clients and update their sales tasks in real time allowing you to keep track of your sales pipeline and forecasts. Client managers can be assigned and commissions calculated based on real data from a single solution. Reminders can be set or automated as can escalations and warning statuses along with emails and text messages.

It is critical to manage your sales efforts and share your successes and failures, either potentially causing you to change your process which is easily achieved in a flexible solution.

This direct link between client history, current relationship and workloads greatly strengthens any managers view of his business and ability to react to change or inactivity.

With all the features you need from a CRM included in your core business solution you greatly enhance your understanding of your business and your relationships with your clients.

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