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Case Reports

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With one click and an entire report can be generated including photos, log notes, statistics and conclusions – right from your updated case information


Polonious case reports enables documents to be designed which merge data from the case and output it to PDF .doc or .odt (open document) formats. Instruction letters, reports, running sheets and other standard office documents can be generated directly from your data.

Case reports are similar (from a user’s perspective) to a mail merge in Word in that it enables organisations to populate documents with case data. Case reports bring huge workflow benefits, including:


  • Avoid repetition: Once data is in Polonious it can be used over and over again. As simple as this concept sounds it has delivered huge savings to organisations with staff used to retyping information again and again during an investigation process. This can save hundreds of hours over time.
  • Consistency. Case reports ensure more consistency with the product you deliver to your client.
  • Universal style. Everyone in the organisation will be using the formats they should be using and the formats appropriate for a particular case or client.
  • Master templates. When a master document is updated everything is updated to create a new template.
  • Quality improvements. Case reports reduce error rates in documents due to copy and formatting.