Did you know that Polonious also does insurance assessing and quote building? We have a demonstration video below so you can see it in action.

We set this up for a large insurer, who has thousands of assessors using the system, and many of them in the field, using it on a mobile device. It can be used for any kind of insurance assessing – property, auto, marine, and so on.

As with all Polonious features, it is configurable and flexible across a wide variety of use cases, in addition to insurance assessing. We are currently implementing this feature for ourselves, to enable speedier quote building for new deployments and configurations. So don’t worry if you’re not in insurance assessing, if you have or want Polonious and you quote for any of your work, have a chat to us and we’ll show you how it works for your use case.

The key aspects of this feature are:

  • ‘Areas’ which allow you to break your quote down into things like kitchens and bathrooms for property, roofs and quarter panels for auto, etc.
  • ‘Components’ which allow you to add costed items to each area to quote for repairs. E.G. basins, roof tiles, and floorboards, or bumpers, headlights, and windows. Each item is costed and the total is calculated from the number of items. Each component entry can be individually approved or rejected, or you can request a report justifying the expense.
  • ‘Excess/contribution’ allows you to enter the customer’s excess amount and the total contribution they’re willing to make, so you can arrive at a net cost.
  • ‘Cost summary’ calculates the total costs of components and fees, minus the excess contribution and displays it on the screen, so you can check before generating the cost statement.
  • ‘Cost Statement’ allows you to generate a PDF of the whole page, including the areas, components, and summary, for providing to the customer or vendor as a statement of work.

Additionally, you can add notes to the case and send alerts to the vendor regarding the assessment.

If you would like to speak to someone from Polonious to organise a live demo, you can do so here.

Insurance Assessing - Easily add components with costs

Easily add components with costs

Insurance assessing - easily approve or reject components and costs
One click approval or rejection of components or fees, or you can ask for a report to justify expenditure.
Insurance assessing - easily calculate total costs and net costs (minus excess and insured contribution)
Automatically calculate total costs including both components and fees, as well as net costs minus excess and any agreed contribution from the insured.

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