• Do you find yourself going through lengthy project/budget approvals to make improvements to your system? Are some changes not even worth the budget hassle?
  • Do you have operational budget for increasing your subscription, but no capital budget for improving it?
  • Have you got the newest features, but no new budget to start using them?

We work hard to constantly improve Polonious software, but these issues prevent some clients adopting our improvements, or adapting to change.

We have heard you, and we are pleased to announce a new, optional addition to licencing subscriptions allowing you added flexibility for improving your system. We have developed a model and a management process for a ‘Change Subscription’. This adds a set number of hours per year to your subscription budget for changes, i.e. system changes that are not bug fixes. This has the following benefits:

  • Change budget is already set aside, so you can make changes and improvements much quicker. No lengthy budget approvals.
  • Configuration time set aside to immediately capitalise on new features.
  • Manage projects through operational expenditure, instead of capital expenditure.

Additionally, we are offering a 5% discount to their hourly consulting rate for customers who purchase more than 20 hours per year as part of their regular subscription. We increase this to 10% for customers who purchase more than 40 hours, 15% for more than 60 hours, and 20% for more than 80 hours per year.

Please note, if you purchase change support with their subscription, this does not replace the normal support charge in your licence subscription. We will still provide support for bug fixes and other errors without taking time from your change budget. We will use the change support budget for design changes, new workflows and so on. Also, if you use the full change budget in one year, you can still make additional changes, but hours will be billed on a per project basis again. Your change support subscription will invoice and renew your hours at your anniversary date each year.