Polonious for Financial Investigations

Beat Fraud and Prevent Financial Loss

Our out of the box and client specific solutions help with financial investigations, allowing investigators to streamline their investigative processes by automating many administrative tasks.

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Polonious is a secure, extremely flexible and highly configurable solution.

The system includes features such as process centrism, workload management, reporting, dynamic dashboards, case reports, integrations and more.

Process Centric

Our Situation Action Metrics Evidence (SAME) methodology brings a holistic approach to process management.

Statistical Reporting

We can provide one-click graphical reports, PDF output, and flexible CSV format reporting.

Case Reports

Case reports can be generated by merging data from the case and outputting it to PDF, .doc, or .odt.

Workload Management

Optimal allocation and scheduling ensures case workloads are managed with ease.

Dynamic Dashboards

Access a concise dashboard of your cases that is single-view, comprehensive and configurable to your needs.


Polonious has a comprehensive and growing list of integrations that are easy to use, robust and secure.

"We have seen between 20 and 25% decrease in administration costs"

— Patrick Carroll, Horsemen Inc., USA

Polonious automates and eliminates the time spent writing letters and emails, entering or copying data, and ticking all the audit and compliance boxes required when completing an investigation, meaning your investigators can focus on what they’re there for – investigating.

Internal Investigations

Confidentially investigate internal matters including bribery and corruption and internal fraud.

Polonious’ detailed and ISO27001 compliant security ensures that you can thoroughly investigate sensitive internal matters while protecting the identity of anyone involved as long as required.

Full audit trails mean you can demonstrate your commitment to integrity and honesty in your dealings, while flexible workflows can deal with the complexity and open ended nature of internal cases. Detailed reporting allows you to identify trends and hotspots so you can proactively close security gaps.

workplace fraud
External Investigations

External fraud in banks costs financial institutions hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Let your investigators focus on protecting your customers and your financial institution from fraud, and not filling out manual write offs and approval forms. Our investigation workflows allow you to automatically generate form letters and templates for customer communications and refund processing, as well as automating approval notifications.

Polonious collects all the information including amounts and fraud types, allowing you to identify and respond to emerging trends in banking fraud. All work within Polonious is fully auditable, ensuring transparency and regulatory compliance.

Online Transactions

Let your Fraud Analysts focus on investigating fraudulent transactions instead of maintaining spreadsheets.

Our Online Transaction workflow allows you and your team to manage these fraudulent transactions and add intuitive updates and the system takes care of the rest.

Polonious was designed to streamline various administrative processes so investigators can spend more time focusing on the complex aspects of a fraudulent bank transaction case. Polonious can automatically create cases using an automated import functionality that can help your Analysts save time and also integrates with various investigation solutions via an API.

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Track and Improve Your Recoveries

With recoveries, time is of the essence – you need to get to your lost funds before they can be moved too far. Our investigation workflows make it quicker and easier to send hold requests to other institutions and gather the evidence you need to recover funds, while our recovery workflows track the performance of your recoveries so you can improve your efforts in the future.

Vendor Management

Polonious also enables detailed, rigorous management of vendors and vendor panels, helping keep their licence, contract, insurance, and any other requirements are kept up to date, and ensuring they can’t be assigned to a case if they’re not. This gives you peace of mind while eliminating admin time spent keeping track of vendor qualifications.

Cloud and On-Premises Options

Polonious offers all the flexibility and availability benefits of cloud based software while maintaining rigorous security. If required, though, we can also install to on-premises servers.

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