Happy New Year and welcome to 2022, an exciting year for investigation tech

From all of us at Polonious Happy New Year and welcome to 2022.

Polonious year in review: Farewell 2021, we look forward to seeing you in 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on another very different year and look ahead to the promise 2022 brings.

Polonious is not affected by the log4j vulnerability

Security is of utmost importance at Polonious and we do everything to keep your data safe.

Virtual Fraud in Financial Services Forum

At this event, you will get to hear about the ever-changing global fraud landscape from industry experts.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in 2021, Polonious is here to help

As we head towards 2022, we want all our customers and partners to know Polonious is here to support you with your business requirements,…

Graphical Link Analysis with our Powerful New Maltego Integration

Our Maltego ‘transform’ allows you to run Maltego over a Polonious database and display links between elements on a node based graph.

Remote Interviewing with Our Simple 2 Connect Integration

Polonious has added an integration with Simple 2 Connect to enable easy remote interviewing for our clients.

Welcome to Polonious News

Polonious News will be a vital channel for all our customers, partners, and staff to keep in touch with the latest company developments;…

One system, many teams, an opportunity to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

By implementing a single system to carry out investigations, you can unite teams from across the company – sharing skills, knowledge, and…

New View Layout Builder

We believe your team can take on the task of building their own case views into a powerful, at-a-glance summary of the information most…

Polonious Integrations – Our Journey – part 3

Our REST APIs have enabled us to develop these rapidly, securely and cost-effectively.

Successful Polonious and Instinct Integration at Suncorp Bank

Both Polonious and GBG have significantly improved their integration capabilities recently by adding APIs for case creation and case…

Polonious Integrations – our journey – part 2

We needed to create tools that allowed the business users to have discussions about ‘what goes where’ without any IT involvement.

Polonious Integrations – Our journey – Part 1

Integration, done well, is a powerful time-saver for a business.

IASIU Panel Questionnaire – How to Improve Performance Through Measurement

Polonious's panel discussion at the virtual IASIU conference held in September.

Polonious Release 20.2 Announced

Version 20.2 further enhances the front-end with new Dashboard technology which was introduced in version 20.1.

Polonious Analytics – A First Look

This is a demonstration of our new Analytics capability, which is part of our 20.2 release.

Be More Flexible With Our Change Support Subscription

We are pleased to announce a new, optional addition to licensing subscriptions allowing you added flexibility for improving your system.

User Group – Slack Migration

Polonious is pleased to announce that it is moving its user group to the Slack platform.

Polonious re-accreditation for ISO27001 and ISO9001

Polonious is pleased to announce their re-certification with ISO27001:2013 – Information Security and ISO9001:2015 – Quality.

Case Study: Syngenta deploy Polonious Case Management to coordinate Counterfeit Product Investigations globally

Syngenta’s investigation team now have a real time view of their local and global case statuses.

Polonious and Intersol partner to deliver unique investigation Case Management Solution (CMS)

The collaboration fuses the world class practical investigation expertise of Intersol with the technical knowledge and support of…

Recorded Statements Due to COVID Restrictions – Solution

Many managers are turning to is a virtual interview platform that allows you to record video statements over the web.

Polonious Systems Response to COVID-19

Polonious have enacted our Business Continuity Plan with regard to pandemics.

Polonious 20.1 released

Polonious release 20.1 is ready with some exciting new features that we hope will make your Polonious experience even more enjoyable and…

Polonious 19.2 Released

Polonious release 19.2 marks the first generation of the new case view and layout manager.


Polonious Release 18.2

See what's new in Polonious Release 18.2

Polonious Case Study – Australian Province of the Society of Jesus

The Australian Jesuits selected Polonious to help modernise its systems across a range of processes.

Polonious World 2018

Polonious World 2018 is over.

Using workflow process systems to drive productivity and efficiency

Polonious World 2018, 2nd August 2018. Free-to-attend conference on all things investigations, fraud, technology-related.

Polonious – Improving Child Safety

The presenter has extensive experience, since leaving the Australian Federal Police, into prevention and investigation of Child Safety…

Polonious World 2018 presents Shane De Kauwe

Shane De Kauwe is the Director of Sales for Polonious and Author of The Law of Fraud: An Australian Investigator’s Guide.

Polonious World 2018 presents Tim Riley

Tim Riley is the Assistant Chief of Police for the Port of Los Angeles Police Department.

IASIU 2018 Europe a great conference for Polonious

Polonious sponsored the event and exhibited in the hall for the third time.

Save the Date, Polonious World 2018 Thursday August 2

Save the date – Thursday August 2 for Polonious World 2018.

Polonious helps improve child safety with world-leading case management tech

Polonious now enables organisations to meet the Royal Commission recommendations with its world-leading records and case management system.


The safeguarding of all people in our care, particularly children and vulnerable adults, is a fundamental concern for the Australian…

Polonious Records Huge Strides in 2017, Readies New Goals for 2018

Polonious has entered 2018 following a transformative 2017 which resulted in numerous milestones and achievements for the company.

Polonious Helps Investigation Startup Grow to National Heights

Surefact Australia director, Paul York, says the company has been able to focus on building up a strong reputation as a premium…

Polonious Refines Processes, Removes Paper

Since adopting Polonious, Brooksight has been able to refine a range of different activities undertaken within the company.

Polonious Cloud Delivers Scalable Case Management

With more than 300 investigators managing cases stored in Polonious, Verifact achieves continuity of evidence and overall continuity of the…

Polonious drives automation & insights in Sydney, Australia

Polonious provides a platform for case management support a deep insight into the metrics of staff and external stakeholder performance

Polonious ISO 27001 & 9001 Certification

Polonious is proud to announce it has been certified as ISO 27001:2013 and 9001:2015 compliant.

Polonious World 2017

Polonious World 2017 has come to an end.

Polonious Helping Fight Sexual Abuse

Polonious was recently presented as the system of choice for improving transparency and accountability in complaint management.

A Word From Our Sponsors – Polonious World 2017

Comments from Polonious World 2017.

“House Full” Five days until Polonious World 2017

One hundred and ten delegates have registered for the event at the Grace Hotel, Sydney.

Visual Analysis GOLD Sponsor Polonious World 2017

Visual Analysis will be sponsoring the inaugural Polonious World 2017.

7 Days to Polonious World 2017 – Register now to meet ‘Donnie Brasco’

Joseph D. Pistone aka ‘Donnie Brasco’

Verifact Sponsor Polonious World 2017

Verifact announces sponsorship of Polonious World 2017.

Increasing Investigator Throughput – Polonious World 2017

This conference is a must for senior managers who are striving to improve investigation outcomes for clients, customers, students, and…

Polonious World 2017 – SureFact Australia Sponsor Profile

SureFact Australia Pty Ltd (“SureFact”) have signed up as a sponsor for Polonious World 2017.

Polonious Not Vulnerable to ‘Java Zero Day Exploit’

Polonious takes an active role in detecting, checking and removing any vulnerabilities reported on security feeds world-wide.

Polonious Statement Re: Shellshock Vulnerability

At Polonious, none of our servers are vulnerable to be exploited via the Shellshock bug.

Polonious at the 9th University Governance and Regulation Forum

Senior Leaders of Higher Education (HE) organisations gathered in Melbourne at the 9th University Governance and Regulation Forum.

Polonious Breakfast & Presentations

Sydney 5th of September 2014 saw 30 investigation professionals gather at the majestic Gothic Revival Grace Hotel for the 3rd Polonious…

NKG Select Polonious Case Management

NKG Management Services have chosen Polonious for their case management solution.

Polonious sponsor IAATI Investigator of the Year

Polonious sponsored the Insurance Industry Investigation of the Year Award.

The University of Queensland selects Polonious

The University of Queensland selected Polonious Case management system.

SureFact Trust Polonious

After an extensive exercise in evaluating the systems available in the marketplace, SureFact selected the Polonious Case Management System.…

Picking your Technology Partners for the long term

Polonious are dedicated to the success of our customers.

Richard C. Shepherd appointed as President of US operations.

Polonious announced that Richard C. Shepherd has been appointed the President of US operations.