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Polonious’ web based interface means anyone in your team can access their cases anywhere, any time.

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Web-based Interface

Polonious uses a browser based interface which works on Chrome, Edge, IE, and Safari. So you can access your cases from anywhere with an internet connection.


Your Whole Team - One Tool

Polonious provides a single point of communication, records and evidence management, and case history. When your team needs to help each other with cases, they only have one place to look to get up to speed.



Polonious’ full suite of APIs allows easy integration and collaboration with the rest of your work environment.


Polonious’ strict security controls mean you can let your investigators collaborate on cases you want them to, while keeping others confidential.

VPNs - Secure Remote Access

Polonious can provide you a VPN so that access is secured wherever your team chooses to work from.

Secure External Sharing

Share documents with externals using our secure permalinks, with expiry dates, download limits, and Multi Factor Authentication.

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