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Polonious was designed by investigators for investigators. Our software is currently helping countless private investigation teams develop more streamlined automated investigations processes.

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Polonious is a secure, extremely flexible and highly configurable solution.

The system includes features such as process centrism, workload management, reporting, dynamic dashboards, case reports, integrations and more.

Process Centric

Our Situation Action Metrics Evidence (SAME) methodology brings a holistic approach to process management.

Statistical Reporting

We can provide one-click graphical reports, PDF output, and flexible CSV format reporting.

Case Reports

Case reports can be generated by merging data from the case and outputting it to PDF, .doc, or .odt.

Workload Management

Optimal allocation and scheduling ensures case workloads are managed with ease.

Dynamic Dashboards

Access a concise dashboard of your cases that is single-view, comprehensive and configurable to your needs.


Polonious has a comprehensive and growing list of integrations that are easy to use, robust and secure.

“Polonious has saved us thousands of dollars and provides a greater level of customer service. I really wonder what we did without it now“

— Patrick Carroll, Horsemen Inc., USA

Polonious automates and eliminates the time spent writing letters and emails, entering or copying data, and ticking all the audit and compliance boxes required when completing an investigation, meaning your investigators can focus on what they’re there for – investigating.

Improve client relationships and grow your business

Ensure your clients see your value-add clearly. Polonious embeds your best practice directly into the tool.

• All reports are consistent.
• All communications are standardized.
• All branding is consistent.
• All protocols and best practices are followed.
• All progress reports match exactly the data in the final reports.
• All commentary from the field and evidence gathered are automatically included in a consistent manner.

We help protect your brand by automating best practices within Polonious.

Real-time Collaboration

Proving value to your clients and keeping them in the in the loop can be challenging.

Not with Polonious.

Many private investigators are living inside their email boxes and simply don’t have time to nurture client relationships.

Polonious users have been able to build their relationships with clients by giving them clear, consistent, timely and accurate updates on their cases every time through Polonious automation tools. We provide the functionality to supply clients with insightful Client Relationship Reports which helps periodically demonstrate the real value of your relationships.

Simple to Configure and Easy to Use

Solve your IT challenges with Polonious.

Information Technology is rapidly changing year on year. The IT investment cycle never ceases and the cost of adapting, preventing, correcting and fixing software can be substantial.

As your client get more sophisticated in their IT security and compliance needs, you are faced with a dilemma – will your IT team keep up or is it time to supplement them with one that will?

Polonious has been partnering with clients for over a decade, solving IT problems together and ensuring they stay secure and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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Why Polonious

When you work in private investigations, you need to access the very best software available to remain competitive and productive.


Polonious works to automate basic admin tasks, freeing up agents to focus on the more complex, intricate aspects of a case. Whether it is report generation, built-in email templates, or notifications, Polonious will take care of the tedious small tasks for you.

Stay Connected, Anywhere

No matter where you are and what time it is, investigators will be able to access Polonious and their case files. You can share information between devices and browsers with ease. Investigators can take more comprehensive, detailed notes while they are still fresh in their memory.


From the moment the case is opened to the moment it is closed, Polonious makes it simple to track your cases through every stage in a simplified, intuitive dashboard. You can share your cases amongst the team, meaning multiple investigators can work a case together simply and effectively.


Polonious integrates seamlessly with many of the most common software used by private investigations firms, including accounting and invoicing systems like Xero or MYOB so you can keep track of your billing.


We’ve built Polonious with flexibility in mind so you can tailor it to your specific industry and your business’s needs. Whether you work in bank fraud investigation or workplace investigations, all aspects of the system can be customized to suit you and your clients.

Knox-Grade Security

Clients are demanding that you conform to rigorous security standards that have now become unwieldy and burdensome. Polonious Knox Grade security helps you meet these requirements and check all the boxes. Polonious users can feel confident they’ll meet critical RFP security requirements.

Vendor Management

Polonious also enables detailed, rigorous management of vendors and vendor panels, helping keep their licence, contract, insurance, and any other requirements are kept up to date, and ensuring they can’t be assigned to a case if they’re not. This gives you peace of mind while eliminating admin time spent keeping track of vendor qualifications.

Cloud and On-Premises Options

Polonious offers all the flexibility and availability benefits of cloud based software while maintaining rigorous security. If required, though, we can also install to on-premises servers.

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