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Polonious’ no-code approach means faster time to value and greater flexibility.

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Faster Time to Value

Polonious’ no-code approach means all changes are done in-app, and many can be done live - right in front of you. This means design, build, and preliminary testing is done in one step - it’s like Agile on steroids.


DIY Customisation

Polonious is happy to empower your users to make changes themselves, saving time and money on change requests. Everything from new data fields, to entirely new workflows.


Flexible Case View

Our flexible case view builder lets you see the information you want, where you want it, and can be customised for each case type.

Automated Communication

Send custom communications to stakeholders automatically when you make key decisions.

Detailed Workflows

Polonious’ flexible workflow design handles everything from simple permit applications to complex internal fraud.


Polonious’ full suite of APIs allows easy integration and collaboration with the rest of your work environment.

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