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Polonious is a leading investigation management tool – but why do you need a dedicated tool when you probably already have spreadsheets, word documents, and maybe a CRM or a project management app?

In our free white paper discover why, if you run investigations of any kind, you need a dedicated tool.

Polonious integrates with Maltego Graphical Analysis

Maltego is a comprehensive tool for graphical link analyses that offers real-time data mining and information gathering, as well as the representation of this information on a node-based graph, making patterns and multiple order connections between said information easily identifiable.

FRISS acquires all insurance business

Polonious pty Ltd has announced it has sold its USA case management business to Dutch Insuretech FRISS. The deal will also see the support of Polonious’ Australian and NZ insurance customers transfer to FRISS.

Polonious’ banking and finance, private investigator, education or government clients in Australia and Europe will continue to be serviced and supported by Polonious.

Industries & Use Cases

Polonious is helping many different industries streamline their processes while helping with compliance.

Our clients range from small to large size private investigation companies, large insurance carriers and banks to universities and government departments.

Banking Fraud & AML / KYC

Confidentially manage internal and external investigations, while meeting AML and KYC reporting obligations.

HR Investigations

Ensure you meet your compliance and procedural fairness obligations with defined workflows and clear decision points, while protecting yourself from misconduct and internal fraud.

Universities & Education

Manage a transparent and fair investigation process in accordance with your rules, and facilitate and record committee decisions with simple online forms.

Private Investigations

Collect evidence and track investigator time in one easy step. Pre-fill reports and invoices for clients.

Polonious is packed with features to improve productivity


Our productivity features help your team focus on the core business and collaborate with ease


Automation is the future of business and Polonious speeds up case management with automation everywhere you need it.

Process management

Avoid time consuming administration with consistent process management while promoting continuous improvement.



Ensure your organisation is managing its operations without failing to meet internal or regulatory compliance.

Process centric

Redefine your organisation’s business process capability by adopting a modern process design using our unique SAM methodology

API Integrations

Easy integration with multiple data sources and reporting tools

Workload management

Easily allocate work based on skills, location, client preference and value


Scheduled Business intelligence reports delivered to your inbox.


Secure by design, Polonious is trusted by banks, Insurance companies and large enterprises all around the world

Dynamic dashboards

Keep an eye on the pulse of your business in real time with dynamic dashboards

Supplier management

Improve external supplier quality controls with modern panel management

Custom processes

Build your own business processes into Polonious and gain productivity while maintaining oversight

Case reports

Your teams will save time with predefined case reports, email templates and automated updates

Accounting integration

Create invoices in Polonious and load the data into your accounting application of choice

News & Resources

Investigating employee absenteeism

Investigating employee absenteeism

 Employee absenteeism refers to employees leaving work early, coming to work late and being absent from the workplace. Absenteeism is a serious problem that often goes unnoticed. Companies have reported that they tend to under-record absenteeism, something that can...

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