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Prove and Improve Your Value

With Polonious, you can run detailed reports on case outcomes, timeframes, and finances, and break that down across case types, investigators, and even down to investigation status. So you can prove your value up the chain, but you can also identify any problem areas and improve your efficiency.


Polonious is a secure, extremely flexible and highly configurable solution.

The system includes features such as process centrism, workload management, reporting, dynamic dashboards, case reports, integrations and more.

Process Centric

Our Situation Action Metrics Evidence (SAME) methodology brings a holistic approach to process management.

Statistical Reporting

We can provide one-click graphical reports, PDF output, and flexible CSV format reporting.

Case Reports

Case reports can be generated by merging data from the case and outputting it to PDF, .doc, or .odt.

Workload Management

Optimal allocation and scheduling ensures case workloads are managed with ease.

Dynamic Dashboards

Access a concise dashboard of your cases that is single-view, comprehensive and configurable to your needs.


Polonious has a comprehensive and growing list of integrations that are easy to use, robust and secure.

Risks of developing an in-house investigation management system

When enterprise and government organisations develop their own applications it is usually in response to a lack of an off-the-shelf product to meet a business need.

In this blog we will take a look at the challenges and risks of going it alone for your investigation management needs.

Improve outcomes in banking fraud investigations
Obtaining the right documents including: medical, legal and bank/financial records and practicing proper document management it critical in a financial abuse case.

Why project management apps fall short for investigation management

In the race to collaborate quickly, project managers offer an easy way to start a case management journey, but fall short when it comes to the complexity of properly dealing with investigations.

Let’s take a look at how project management apps fail to offer the features and compliance of an investigation management system.


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“We have seen between 20 and 25% decrease in administration costs”

Polonious automates and eliminates the time spent writing letters and emails, entering or copying data, and ticking all the audit and compliance boxes required when completing an investigation, meaning your investigators can focus on what they’re there for – investigating.

Patrick Carroll, Horsemen Inc., USA

Polonious is easily the best business decision we’ve ever made

Polonious not only offers a strong set of features tailored specifically to helping you run effective investigations, it is also easily configurable and adaptable meaning it can grow with you as you tackle new challenges.

Lisa Hickman, CSI Investigations


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Why do I need an investigation management system?

An investigation management system allows you to efficiently refer and manage suspicious claims to your investigations team.

Why can't I use alternatives like CRMs or Detection Tools for investigations?

Although CRM has useful information on customers and potential clients, it is ultimately person-focused, and is thus inappropriate as an investigation tool. Detection tools are great at finding fraud, but not great at proving it. You need specialised investigation management for investigations.

Where does it fit in?

Ideally, an investigation management system should sit in an anti-fraud program, with API integrations and referrals as detection systems.

How can it help me?

Our system will improve productivity through automation, help avoid administration costs, ensure complete regulatory compliance, and allow case management mobility with the Polonious mobile app.

Vendor Management

Polonious also enables detailed, rigorous management of vendors and vendor panels, helping keep their licence, contract, insurance, and any other requirements are kept up to date, and ensuring they can’t be assigned to a case if they’re not. This gives you peace of mind while eliminating admin time spent keeping track of vendor qualifications.

Cloud and On-Premises Options

Polonious offers all the flexibility and availability benefits of cloud based software while maintaining rigorous security. If required, though, we can also install to on-premises servers.

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