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Our out of the box and client specific solutions range from investigation and employee workflows all the way to governance, risk, & compliance workflows.

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Polonious is a secure, extremely flexible and highly configurable solution.

The system includes features such as process centrism, workload management, reporting, dynamic dashboards, case reports, integrations and more.

Process Centric

Our Situation Action Metrics Evidence (SAME) methodology brings a holistic approach to process management.

Statistical Reporting

We can provide one-click graphical reports, PDF output, and flexible CSV format reporting.

Case Reports

Case reports can be generated by merging data from the case and outputting it to PDF, .doc, or .odt.

Workload Management

Optimal allocation and scheduling ensures case workloads are managed with ease.

Dynamic Dashboards

Access a concise dashboard of your cases that is single-view, comprehensive and configurable to your needs.


Polonious has a comprehensive and growing list of integrations that are easy to use, robust and secure.

“We have seen between 20 and 25% decrease in administration costs”

— Patrick Carroll, Horsemen Inc., USA

Polonious automates and eliminates the time spent writing letters and emails, entering or copying data, and ticking all the audit and compliance boxes required when completing an investigation, meaning your investigators can focus on what they’re there for – investigating.


Confidentially investigate internal matters including whistleblower complaints, bribery and corruption, and internal fraud.

Polonious’ detailed and ISO27001 compliant security ensures that you can thoroughly investigate sensitive internal matters while protecting the identity of anyone involved as long as required.

Full audit trails mean you can demonstrate your commitment to integrity and honesty in your dealings, while flexible workflows can deal with the complexity and open ended nature of whistleblower investigations. Detailed reporting allows you to identify trends and hotspots so you can proactively address any internal issues.


Deep and detailed security configuration ensuring internal investigations are highly confidential

Adaptable workflows ensure rigor and audit transparency while handling complex, open ended investigations

All documents, communications, video and digital evidence stored securely to evidentiary standards

Integrity and Standards

Protect your institution’s reputation with efficient and effective investigations into integrity matters.

Let your investigators focus on working the investigation and not typing administrative updates and formatting word documents. Gated decision points and customised workflows ensure your investigators are complying with your rules, while automation takes the administrative hassle out of their work – ensuring they can focus on investigations.

Polonious collects all the information as the case progresses to ensure everything you need is in the one place to enable easier management and reporting transparency.

risk exposure
Workplace Relations

Let your Workplace Relations Manager easily manage the issues related to Advisory, Dispute and Consultation.

Our respective workflows makes it easy for them to manage these cases and follow up with the issues. They can easily keep a track of issues related to Employee Allowance, Pay issues, Performance and Conduct, Safety, Unions, Consultation Forums, Leave, Overtime, Rostering, Shift work, Pay Related Dispute, Grievance etc. All the issues related to different sub-categories can be easily managed and worked upon. A user dashboard provides up-to-the-minute status and progress of cases.

Polonious collects all this information and can create automated case reports. These reports can be scheduled to be sent to the higher authorities automatically.

Capture all key metrics and updates related to Advisory, Dispute and Consultation using our diary feature

Automated case reports using pre formatted documents that automatically insert case data including actions, metrics and participant fields

Faster turnaround time with reduced cost

Transition Services

Let your Case Managers concentrate on smooth transition of employees and leave the management to Polonious.

Our Employee Transition workflow allows you to capture all the stages of the transition whether it is onboarding, training, consultation, implementation, notice period, job swap etc.

Polonious collects all the information as the case progresses to ensure everything you need is in the one place to enable better and effective Employee Transition whilst facilitating any oversight. Polonious can capture all the important information and dates and send automated reminders.

Employee Screening & Misconduct

Let your Workplace Relations Manager easily manage the issues related to Advisory, Dispute and Consultation.

Employee misconduct has the potential to cost your business time, money, and experienced employees. Our innovative, cutting-edge software will help you identify red flags in the workplace so you can address them before they become an issue.

Polonious integrates with rules engines and screening databases, providing simple workflows that allow you to sort red flags from false positives with minimum effort. Polonious collects all the information as a case progresses, allowing you to meet reporting and compliance burdens, as well as demonstrating a proactive approach to integrity in an era of increased media scrutiny.

Keep Your Workplace Safe with Polonious

Workplace investigations often revolve around sensitive issues and information, so you want your investigations team working with the very best employee relations management system. If you are conducting a workplace investigation, Polonious has several benefits that will help make your investigation process so much simpler.

Instant Access

With Polonious, all the information you need is in one convenient location. You can access meeting notes, emails, spreadsheets, and case files with just the click of a button.

Streamlined Case Management

Streamline cases from beginning to end. Polonious provides workflow processes that allow for the effective management of caseloads.

Automated Communications

Polonious automates communications such as email or memo templates, report generation, and notifications, leaving investigators with far more time to spend on the case’s complexities.

Automated Reporting

Save yourself time on correlating information and creating reports with Polonious’ simple report generation functions. You will have access to a wealth of knowledge, all in an easy-to-understand report format.

Flexible Workflows

Whether you are investigating cases of theft, fraud, bribery, or corruption, you can tailor your workflow to meet each case’s complexity, allowing you to close cases far more quickly.


Polonious’ multi-layer security systems ensure that case details and identities of those involved will remain confidential.

Vendor Management

Polonious also enables detailed, rigorous management of vendors and vendor panels, helping keep their licence, contract, insurance, and any other requirements are kept up to date, and ensuring they can’t be assigned to a case if they’re not. This gives you peace of mind while eliminating admin time spent keeping track of vendor qualifications.

Cloud and On-Premises Options

Polonious offers all the flexibility and availability benefits of cloud based software while maintaining rigorous security. If required, though, we can also install to on-premises servers.

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