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Keep track of all your cases and important metrics with custom dashboards.

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All Your Data for Every Role

Polonious’ customisable dashboards mean you can see everything you need to see to manage your cases, all on one screen. Configuring multiple dashboards means you can switch between views relevant to different roles.


Easy Customisation

Drag and drop dashboard layouts make it easy to set your dashboards up exactly the way you want.


Wide Range of Widgets

See your data how you want, with a wide range of widgets including counters, aggregators, pie charts, bar charts, circle packs, and tables.

Multiple Dashboards

Polonious allows you to build multiple dashboards, so you can have different views for all the different hats you wear.

One-Click Filters

As you click dashboard elements, you can build up filters that will apply to the rest of the dashboard.


Security is the foundation of everything we do. Users can’t see summary data about cases they can’t access.

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