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Please Note: Polonious is a software company and we do not offer investigation services. If you are a victim of a banking scam please reach out to your bank. This form is only for intro calls and software demo requests.

How Polonious can help

Polonious can help you streamline your processes whilst also ensuring compliance


Our software automates specific features, saving you time and resources to be used elsewhere


Ensure your organisation meets all internal and regulatory compliance.

Process Management

Avoid administration costs with consistent process management while promoting continuous improvement.

API Integrations

Polonious provides an extensive list of REST APIs connected with multiple data sources and reporting tools.


With one click you can generate detailed case reports using a master template.

Custom Processes

Build your own business processes into Polonious that suit your needs.


"Polonious has saved us thousands of dollars and provides a greater level of customer service. I really wonder what we did without it now"

— Patrick Carroll, Horsemen Inc., USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Polonious is a software company that provides tools for investigators and companies. We do not conduct investigations ourselves or offer investigation services to customers. If you are a victim of a banking scam please reach out to your bank.

By scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts we’ll give you an introductory call to discuss your needs and then schedule an appropriate demo at a time that suits you. This obligation free demo can be done online, or in person, as required.

Polonious has clients of all sizes across a range of industries. Companies ranging from small private investigation firms to global financial services groups all use Polonious to prove and improve their value. We offer tailored plans to meet your needs and personalised support to help you make Polonious fit in your workflow.

We offer a range of hosting options including an on-premise option for our enterprise edition customers. Please request a free consultation to learn more about our hosting capabilities and data governance.

An investigation management system allows you to efficiently refer and manage suspicious claims to your investigations team.

Although CRM has useful information on customers and potential clients, it is ultimately person-focused, and is thus inappropriate as an investigation tool. Detection tools are great at finding fraud, but not great at proving it. You need specialised investigation management for investigations.

Ideally, an investigation management system should sit in an anti-fraud program, with API integrations and referrals as detection systems.

Our system will improve productivity through automation, help avoid administration costs, ensure complete regulatory compliance, and allow case management mobility with the Polonious mobile app.