Solutions & Use Cases

Polonious has out of the box solutions for various industries and use cases.

Our out of the box and client specific solutions range from Investigation and employee workflows all the way to governance, risk & compliance workflows. 

Investigation Workflows

Our Investigation workflows range from special investigation unit (SIU) specific workflows, professional investigation workflows, government-related workflows to education and banking workflows.

Employee Workflows

Our employee-focused workflows range from workplace relations and transition services all the way to whistleblower workflows and more.

Governance Risk & Compliance Workflows

Our governance, risk and compliance workflows include anti-money-laundering (AML) and counter terrorism funding (CTF) workflows, suspicious activity reports (SAR / SMR), as well as research integrity workflows.

ISO Compliance Workflows

Implementing ISO compliance processes has never been easier with our out of the box Audit workflows, Risk management, Asset management and other ISO related workflows.

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