Evidence Management

All Your Evidence, All In One Place

Polonious securely stores all forms of digital evidence so you can stay productive and manage your cases with ease.

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Automatic Brief of Evidence

Polonious automatically collates all uploads tagged as evidence into a brief, which can be filtered and reorganised before downloading or sending.


Manage It All Within the App

Conveniently preview and manage photos, video, audio, and documents all within the app.


Handle any evidence

Polonious accepts any kind of digital evidence - images, video, audio, documents, etc.

Capture Metadata

File metadata is captured when uploading files and is viewable within the app.

Expandable Storage

Polonious’ flexible instance sizes mean there is no upper limit on storage - we can increase the size as you grow.

Full Audit Trail

Any changes to evidence are logged within the database, and evidence can be removed from the UI but never fully deleted.

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