Syngenta Crop Protection, a multi-billion dollar global leader in Crop Protection products since 2000, has successfully deployed Polonious’ Case Management System to combat a growing market of illicit trade in counterfeit products.

The global investigations team operating across 4 continents 24hrs a day 365 day a year, required a highly available and configurable system to meet their unique needs. With each investigator responsible for multiple cases and regional managers requiring oversight of various internal and external specialist resources, Syngenta’s investigation team now have a real time view of their local and global case statuses.

As part of the real time view; role allocation, detailed case logs, single click case reports, automated escalation and integration with third party systems allow a collaborative approach to a seamless investigation process.

Mick Coggin, Head of Corporate Security Investigations at Syngenta, “By making reporting and investigation processes simpler yet more robust, we saw a 20% increase in the number of cases being recorded compared to the same period last year”

After reviewing a number of offerings, Syngenta selected Polonious as the only system capable of meeting their unique requirements. Polonious was not only able to meet these requirements but also integrate other business processes providing even more efficiencies within the department.

Mick Coggin, Head of Corporate Security Investigations at Syngenta, “As our department continues to grow we will look at our wider processes and any opportunities to automate these as well.”

Fred Peckett, European Technology & Integrations Lead, “Working with Syngenta’s talented global investigations team has made this a unique and rewarding deployment for the Polonious team. As we continue our collaborative approach, we look forward to delivering enhanced capabilities that support Syngenta’s ongoing needs.”