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About Polonious – A brief history…

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Polonious was founded in 2005 as a Case Management Solution based on the knowledge and experience of co-founders Alastair Steel and Stuart Guthrie. Polonious was originally conceived based on private investigations, but was designed to be future-proof, adapting to changing IT capabilities and market opportunities with little structural change to the code. Polonious has since expanded into the 4 main markets listed on the ‘Industries’ page – insurance investigation, banking, private investigations, and education. Polonious has also adapted to other challenges such as IP infringement investigations, charities and compliance.

2006, Polonious was incorporated and began marketing to the Private Investigations market in Australia.

2007 Polonious entered the US market with a partnering agreement with Magnify, a ChoicePoint company based in Chicago IL.

2008 Polonious was installed in Private Investigation firms in Australia, New Zealand (NZ) and the USA with several Insurance carriers beginning implementations.

2009 Richard C. Shepherd appointed as President of US operations.

2012 Polonious Investigation Management Systems LLC was formed to service clients in the Americas.

2014 Polonious had its first tertiary education clients go live. 

2015 Polonious had its first state wide education client go live supporting over 300 schools. 

2016 Polonious had its first Banking clients go live. Polonious becomes ISO 27001:2013 and 9001:2015 certified. 

2017 Polonious expanded into the Banking Market and integrates with Guidewire Claims Centre via the accelerator program. 

2018 Polonious launched an office in London UK and got its first charity as a partially pro-bono client and releases a comprehensive set of APIs enabling much easier integration with third party providers.

2019 Polonious gets its first pharmaceutical client in Switzerland and continues to expand in the UK. Integration with a number of third party solutions is completed. 

2020 Polonious releases a new customisable case view. Compliance module now tracks certifications, licences and insurance coverage for all vendors and enables them to self manage.

Polonious has grown in capability by ensuring all clients are utilising the same base code with optional features that can be configured as required in each situation. This allows a core team of developers to move the entire base of clients forward with every release of the product. This has enabled a rapid expansion of features and an ever accelerating pace of development.

Polonious has since been implemented 80+ organisations in Australia, NZ, the USA and Canada with offices in Sydney, NSW, Australia and Boynton Beach, Florida, in the United States of America.

For more details about Polonious and the core team please check our ‘About‘ and ‘Team‘ pages.

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