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Maltego Graphical Analysis

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Maltego integration

Maltego is a comprehensive tool for graphical link analyses that offers real-time data mining and information gathering, as well as the representation of this information on a node-based graph, making patterns and multiple order connections between said information easily identifiable. With Maltego, you can easily mine data from dispersed sources, automatically merge matching information in one graph, and visually map it to explore your data landscape. Maltego offers the ability to easily connect data and functionalities from diverse sources using Transforms. Via the Transform Hub, you can connect data from over 40 data partners, a variety of open-source intelligence (OSINT) as well as your own data. Our different Desktop Client versions, data sources and server solutions enable you to tailor Maltego to your specific needs in terms of data access, functionalities, and security requirements.

Integration Overview

The Polonious two way integration allows investigators or analyst to query cases, people, companies or other entities in Polonious in real-time. However, if you start your investigation in Maltego, you easily create a case in Polonious and send people, companies and other entities to your new case. This combination of technologies gives you all of the benefits of visual analysis in Maltego, with the addition of full case management capabilities provided by Polonious to investigators worldwide. Polonious is an ideal fit for any organisation with cloud or on-prem deployment options meeting the most strict security requirements.

Integration Benefits

The Polonious integration brings added value from day one to all Maltego use cases. Once you have carried out your research in Maltego, Polonious Case Management System provides you with the ability to store that research and progress the investigation. With the two way integration, you can start your research from Polonious or Maltego. Using Maltego to visualise your data from the Polonious Case Management System, you can quickly identify links between people, companies and entities, .i.e. suspects and entities on multiple cases. Once the case participants are identified and recorded in Polonious, you can further investigate using more targeted transforms and then methodically transfer the relevant results back to Polonious.


  •  – Store complete graphs as PDF’s or MTG Files
  •  – Capture key evidence and notify analysts
  •  – See people, companies and entities linked to multiple cases

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