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Supplier Management

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Suppliers can update your system to show progress on cases and you can rate their quality and timeliness for continuous panel improvement.


Supplier and Panel Management

Polonious is a complete vendor and supplier management solution which allows all parties to work together in a secure, collaborative environment. Polonious brings enhanced organisation, tracking and automation to vendor and panel management. The process is managed from referral to close, driving best practices throughout the organisation.

Refine your business processes to become more efficient, compliant and customer focused while reducing operational costs.

  • Easy to use. Whether it is an assessor, adjuster, legal council or a medical or investigative firm Polonious make vendor management easy. There are workflows predesigned for most requirements further decreasing implement times.
  • Real-time information. Dashboards and timelines contribute to operational efficiency and the most effective use of resources. The result is improved outcomes and savings on operational costs.
  • Fast ROI. There is a clear cost-benefit of moving supplier management to a single point of reference for users, vendors, clients and specialists with integrated messaging and document management. This enables an immediate return on investment.

Polonious professionals work with our clients to define and replicate their business processes. We also assist with and manage the implementation and adoption of Polonious.


Why Polonious?

Polonious allows you to have a complete vendor management solution up and running without lengthy delays or high costs. Take supplier management to a new level of detail with:

  • A shared secure portal
  • Share documents, audio and video
  • Manage invoices and payments
  • Track performance, quality, timelines and costs
  • Location and skills-based allocation
  • Manage certifications, accreditation and insurance compliance
  • Rapid deployment
  • Known IT costs


Learn more about Polonious here.