These are the areas you will see significant improvement from your acquisition of a case management solution:

Increase Case Load

Your investigation management software must get you to a point where it truly embeds your investigation process (your’s not your software vendors).

In our experience, if this is the case your tool will then provide you with increase case load. This will be due to:

  • Staff knowing what to do next (the software will tell them via it’s work queues)
  • The data you enter once is re-used many times for many purposes.
  • Your manual/click/copy/paste jobs you do in office documents are now automatic.

This means that you can increase your case load without increasing your admin staff or alternatively repurpose your admin staff to productive, money earning areas of the business due to the efficiencies of your new software.

Delivery 1-3 Days Earlier

Your software purchase needs to improve your delivery by at least 1-3 days. With this new capability, you will grow your business in accounts. Many clients ‘handle’ their vendor panel by how much they believe each vendor can cope with. This is your ‘capacity’ in the eyes of your client. If you are turning your files faster, you will be perceived as able to cope with a higher file rate. This is the experience of our customers, they grow this perception with their clients due to hitting on-time every time benchmarks, something their competitors are not always able to do.

In one case, a firm of 200+ investigators improved their turnaround to the point where ‘on time every time’ became their byline.

Force Multiplier

Your case management solution should also realize a return in the ratio of investigators to case managers/other admin staff. It is typical to save around 20% on administration costs due to re-purposing of staff from back-office to chargeable work. 20% admin costs reduction gives your firm a significant jump on their competitors, it’s a major reason why our customers are all growing and expanding their file counts without their internal costs growing at the same rate.

Increase Profits

A truly world-class case management system will improve your profitability in these areas of your P&L. This table demonstrates the areas that you benefit:

P&L AccountImprovement
Admin Costs downDouble handling, improved process, automation, reporting
Management Costs downImproved process, clear dashboard, automation, communications with the team in the field, Client reports creation time down due to one-click client reports and even scheduled reporting.
IT Costs down(less need for package software, servers, IT specialists writing Databases)
Sales upImproved perception, improved cycle times, more consistent results will only please you clients and have them asking for more assistance. Are you up for that?

Known and Controllable IT Costs

A significant headache to all Investigation management practices is the never-ending, unknown of IT. Some of the surprises we’ve been told about include:

  • Server replacements and upgrades.
  • Server exchange housing
  • Organizing and ensuring backups, penetration testing and other things required by your clients.
  • Microsoft licensing requirements.
  • ‘The software guy’ leaves, dies or becomes disinterested.
  • Your client wants another bunch of integration/spreadsheets/reports and your resource is on a break.
  • Technology changes and you need to invest another $100K to keep up.

Putting in new systems is not a trivial task, there are internal costs as well as the cost of product and implementation services from your vendor.

Because of this, your case management solution must deliver significantly better return than the investment made. In terms of vendor costs, you should be looking at an ROI of twelve months or less. This ROI should include a component of one-off savings as well as significant on-ongoing savings.

Your case management system must bring clarity and consistency to this problem. Polonious Investigation Management Systems will give you no surprises and an ever improving ROI every single year.