To answer Tenders these days, you would think that every firm had a full complement of IT staff ready to go with answers to the Client’s IT people. This is as we all know not the case. Unless of course you are using a world-class investigation management software product that is sold ‘software-as-a-service’. Companies such as Polonious fill in these gaps by providing reliability, security, server infrastructure, internet connectivity, IT support and other services to our their clients. To staff this yourself is beyond the financial capabilities of sub-50 investigator companies. It’s good to know that a solution is available that enables such capabilities for a fraction of the cost of even one ‘IT guy’.

Client’s IT concerns

  • Privacy. Who has access, what security passwords and protocols are in place?
  • SOX compliance. Have you even read it?
  • Data security/Data leakage
  • Reliability – 99% uptime please.
  • Backups. Where are they stored, is it secure? How quickly can we get a copy?
  • Encryption technologies. What bit-encryption do you use?
  • What is your disaster recovery plan and who is responsible for implementing it?
  • Who else uses this software package? Is it wide-spread and common?
Clients will also put demands on your time for increasing levels of client reporting and advisement. These tasks are a major source of hours leakage in you organization as senior managers and assistants toil away on spreadsheets and databases to create the numbers each month. A world-class product should just do all this for you. Perhaps there are unique requirements, but can they not just be configured? 
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