The International Association of Special Investigation Units held their annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland 9-12 September.

Polonious are proud to continue sponsoring IASIU with their excellent efforts to improve fraud detection, investigation and deterrence.

The IASIU Exhibition

Polonious exhibited with our new booth layout (well done Rick!). There was a lot of interest in our new release 18.2 which featured Guidewire Claim Center integration direct to your Investigation Unit and back to claims as well as our new Link Analysis capabilities that enhance the already best-of-breed fraud investigations tool that is Polonious.

SIU Metrics talk

Rick Shepherd and Steve Epstein of Polonious USA spend the better part of 100 hours preparing an excellent talk on SIU metrics “Fraud Metrics: Reporting Value Up the Chain and Analyzing Your Fraud-Fighting Efforts” which was well attended by over 60 IASIU members. Many robust conversations ensued regarding the correct metrics to use to help make SIUs as effective as they can be. We expect to publish and talk about this topic more in the future from some of the excellent contributions during the talk.

Thank you IASIU organizers for another excellent meeting. We look forward to joining you again in 2019.

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