What are Polonious Integrations?

Polonious Integrations are powerful pre-built connections to external services that allow you to extend the functionality of your case management system.

Custom Use-Cases

Have a specific use-case that you don't see an integration for? The Polonious REST API allows you to write custom integrations that supercharge your workflow. Our team is on hand to support you in creating custom integrations and ready to answer any questions.


If you are an existing user, please reach out to your Polonious representative who will provide one-on-one support to help you get connected.

Social Discovery is a provider of social media reporting solutions, catering to insurance carriers, private investigators, risk managers, SIU professionals, employers, and more. It helps investigators uncover whether someone is genuine about financial values and incidents that occurred by conducting a social media search. Social Discovery looks through sites such as Facebook, eBay, Instagram., Twitter and more to analyse individuals’ online activities. They can provide photos, videos, comments or relationships of the parties involved.

By using Social Discovery, investigators can save time and money as they will be able to get measurable results without them needed to do the hard work.