What are Polonious Integrations?

Polonious Integrations are powerful pre-built connections to external services that allow you to extend the functionality of your case management system.

Custom Use-Cases

Have a specific use-case that you don't see an integration for? The Polonious REST API allows you to write custom integrations that supercharge your workflow. Our team is on hand to support you in creating custom integrations and ready to answer any questions.


If you are an existing user, please reach out to your Polonious representative who will provide one-on-one support to help you get connected.

Truepic specialises in digital image verification and authentication. The company provides solutions to verify the authenticity of photos and videos to prevent manipulation or tampering. It shows the location of an image or video, the time and place it was taken, if it was edited and what device was used to capture it. Truepic can be very helpful during investigations as it can check whether the images and videos provided are genuine or have been modified. It offers APIs and can be integrated with other software and systems, including Polonious.