Boost productivity and efficiency with mobile case management, even when not connected


Don’t let your valuable case management staff be tied down to an office location. The Polonious Field Kit application adds a new dimension to case management by allowing workflow to continue from any smartphone or tablet device.

With Field Kit your investigators become even more productive as they can add case updates, record interviews and take photos or videos on the go – even with no Internet access available. And once network access is back, all updates and multimedia files can be uploaded to the relevant cases on Polonious with a click of a button. This flexibility improves turnaround time and reduces administrative burden.

Not a Polonious customer? Even without access to a Polonious server instance Field Kit is a useful app for investigative work. With two standard workflows to choose from – surveillance and factual investigations – Field Kit can create new investigations; document investigation progress; record voice interviews; and take surveillance videos and photos.

Field Kit is a flexible workflow application and can be used for many processes, including:


  • Investigation management
  • Managing complaints
  • Running “whistleblower” campaigns


And any business process where case-based information needs to be collected, managed, audited, evaluated and reported through customisable workflows.

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