Polonious 20.1 released

Polonious release 20.1 is ready with some exciting new features that we hope will make your Polonious experience even more enjoyable and make your team even more productive.

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Polonious 19.2 Released

Polonious release 19.2 marks the first generation of the new case view and layout manager. We have shipped 5 layout capabilities called ‘smartwidget’s to replace the core functionality of the current case view.

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Polonious @ IASIU 2018, Baltimore, Maryland

Polonious @ IASIU 2018, Baltimore, Maryland

The International Association of Special Investigation Units held their annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland 9-12 September.

Polonious are proud to continue sponsoring IASIU with their excellent efforts to improve fraud detection, investigation and deterrence.

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Polonious World 2018

Polonious World 2018 is over.  What a great day that was for us and our clients.

Our speakers covered LA homicide, Child Safety, Geospatial intelligence, Polonious, Training, IASIU, Productivity and many other subjects. It all made for an excellent day’s knowledge transfer and networking for over 100 delegates.

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Polonious – Improving Child Safety

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was announced in 2012 and completed it’s work and recommendations early this year, 2018. It was a very comprehensive review with more than 8,000 private sessions held and 2575 referrals to authorities resultant.

The presenter has extensive experience, since leaving the Australian Federal Police, into prevention and investigation of Child Safety cases in school systems and other institutions. This presentation will cover:

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Polonious World 2018 presents Shane De Kauwe

Shane De Kauwe is the Director of Sales for Polonious and Author of The Law of Fraud: An Australian Investigator’s Guide. Shane’s expertise is the result of a unique combination of formal training in law, and twenty-five years of specialist practice in law enforcement, national security, and corporate fraud investigation/prevention, particularly in the finance sector.

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IASIU 2018 Europe a great conference for Polonious

IASIU Europe kicked off yesterday, Polonious sponsored the event and exhibited in the hall for the third time.

Investigators and management from all over Europe and the rest of the world attended with 27 countries represented. As usual, the organisers did an excellent job.

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Polonious World 2017

Polonious World 2017 is over. Another year must tick before we get to gather again. What a great day that was for us and our clients.

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