Investigations are carried out across various business units and teams in an organization – HR, Information Protection, Corporate Security, Cyber Security, Brand Protection, Physical Security, Insider Threat, Customer Services and Health & Safety to name a few. 

Most teams will have a method of documenting their investigations and tracking progress and outcomes. Depending on the maturity of the company this could range from spreadsheets and emails to large enterprise applications. This is extremely inefficient and costing companies in terms of time, money and strategic outcomes.  

By implementing a single system to carry out investigations, you can unite teams from across the company – sharing skills, knowledge, and best practices. 

It’s never an easy task to rationalize systems from different business units, but the business case to do so can be compelling and the benefits felt across the wider organization.  

Here are a few examples of benefits: 

  • IT Support – A single system to support, administer and assure. 
  • Split Costs – Licensing split across many business units. 
  • KPI/KRI – Single source of metrics. 
  • Automation – Reduce manual activity and increase throughput. 
  • Consistency – Even with different processes it’s easy to ensure a robust investigation takes place. 

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