Polonious and Intersol Global are delighted to announce their strategic partnership to deliver an Investigation Case management Solution to a range of global markets. The collaboration fuses the world class practical investigation expertise of Intersol with the technical knowledge and support of Polonious.

Initial focus will be on safeguarding, sport and education, business areas in which both companies have an existing established footprint.

Daniel Skeggs, UK representative of Polonious said:

“We are delighted to announce this partnership, it will add significant value to investigations across many sectors. Following on from our successful deployments in religious and academic institutions in Australia we can now offer the capability to embed the world-class investigation expertise of Intersol Global”.

Ian Hynes, CEO Intersol Global said:

“We have been in search of the right ‘engine’ to power our Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) process for many years and have at last found it. With Polonious ‘under the bonnet’ we can conduct and progress investigations more efficiently, consistently and cost-effectively, delivering quicker outcomes for ALL stakeholders that are fairer and more reliable”.

For more information on how we can collectively improve delivery of reliable investigations and help you manage the risk please contact Ian at [email protected] or Dan at [email protected]


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