Sydney 5th of September 2014 saw 30 investigation professionals gather at the majestic Gothic Revival Grace Hotel for the 3rd Polonious Industry Breakfast. The investigators represented some of Australia’s leading Banks, Insurers and Private Investigation Firms.

Jonathan Martin, Fraud Investigations Specialist at Macquarie Group.

Over twenty years experience in the provision of fraud analytics, fraud investigations ‎and fraud risk services. ‎

Has worked on some of the worlds largest investigations on ‎major financial fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, asset tracing and data ‎analysis investigations throughout Europe, India, the Far East and Australia.

Experience includes:

Assisting on money laundering file reviews at private bank institutions located in ‎offshore jurisdictions to determine whether their fraud risk management on client ‎acceptance was acceptable;

Investigation in to a major fraud committed at one of Italy’s largest conglomerates; ‎involving a number of complex foreign currency deals via a Swiss based subsidiary. ‎The investigation findings were used by the Magistrate of Milan responsible for the ‎Mani Poluti (Clean Hands) investigation into high profile Italian businessmen and ‎politicians;

Assisting the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority in an investigation ‎concerning an attempted concert party takeover of a large Budapest quoted company ‎by a Russian group. Using local enforcement powers, the investigation involved raids ‎on some of Hungary’s largest Banks and brokers. The subsequent findings identified ‎the substance behind the share acquisitions by a series of anonymous offshore ‎companies and enabled the HFSA to suspend the take over and amend Hungary’s ‎securities legislation to prevent future abuse;

On behalf of the Volcker Commission, was a member of a Forensic Team in ‎Switzerland investigating the existence of dormant bank accounts and assets at a ‎global Swiss financial institution allegedly belonging to the victims of Nazi ‎persecution; and

Investigation into an insured who fled Australia to South America where he faked his ‎own death and returned to Australia to claim the life insurance. I located ‎the insured alive and living in Sydney under a new name. The insured was arrested ‎and later charged and convicted.‎

Jonathan presented ‘Current and emerging fraud trends’.
Unfortunately due to some of the contents of this presentation, it is not available to be posted.

Nick Gianoudis, CFE, Managing Director – NKG Management Services.

Nick Gianoudis is the Managing Director of NKG Management Services a leading Fraud Investigation and Risk Management firm based in Sydney, Australia. Nick is a highly experienced fraud investigator and fraud risk management consultant with experience and qualifications in fraud risk management, prevention, detection and investigation for over 25 years.

Previously Nick held senior roles with NRMA Insurance Australias largest general insurer and AXA/AMP Australia (as a consultant to the internal claims review panel) whilst commencing his practice in 1999. NKG now provides investigative consultation and investigative services within Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Nick has also provided consultation services to Life Insurers such as MetLife, TAL and Asteron and Re insurers Hannover Life Re and RGA.

Nick has led investigation teams into many complex and high value fraud and misconduct matters. Nick has delivered training seminars and presentations in areas of investigation and claims management within the general and life insurance sector with emphasis on fraud management, strategy and complex claims management.

Nick has also been invited to present at international events and was the co chair of the 1st Middle East Motor Claims conference held in Dubai in 2012. Nick has previously held the role of Vice President of the NSW Chapter of the global International Association of Fraud Examiners.

In addition to the Certificate III in Investigative Services and Certificate IV in Government Investigations, a Graduate Diploma in Fraud Management (University of Western Sydney), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) of the global Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and qualified in the SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis) interview technique, Nick is an active member of the Risk Management Institute of Australasia and the Australian Insurance Law Institute.

Nick presented ‘Detecting deception with language analysis’ 

David Lavell, MBA, Associate Director Investigation Unit, The University of Queensland.

Experience includes:
Associate Director. The University of Queensland.
Complaint management and Investigation. Liaison officer to the Crime and Corruption Commission.
Development of strategies for misconduct reduction, training delivery and provision of advice on Ethical issues such as Conflicts of Interest

Director. Dept. of community safety and liaison.
Managed a team of 12 providing investigative services and misconduct prevention initiatives. High level advice to Directors-General and Ministers. CMC Liaison. Development and Delivery of training

Assistant Director, Ethical Standards Unit. Dept of Education and Training

Detective Sergeant, Queensland Police Service.

David presented ‘The benefits of a defined investigation process.’

Polonious Co Founder, Alastair Steel was last on the card to speak. “A positive feed back we always get after hosting these industry breakfasts is the benefit of the networking opportunity and I think today will be no exception.” said Alastair.

Alastair then ran through several of the new features available in Polonious 2.4, preview videos for the new features can be found below;

  • Dashboard user interface improvements. Preview.
  • Language and Security user interface improvements. Preview.
  • Message queue to include unattached emails. Preview.
  • System parameters user interface improvements. Preview.
  • Import mapping user interface improvements, ‘test’ and inclusion of ‘assets’. Preview.

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