Polonious for Privacy Management

No organisation can prevent a data breach but Polonious can help you prepare for and respond to such an event.  

Protect your reputation

Improve productivity


Enhance governance

  • Comprehensive Role Based Access Control (RBAC) meeting all your regulatory and audit requirements
  • Simplifies reporting methods for staff and improves visibility of the true scale of issues
  • Reduces misunderstanding and workloads of service desks and builds confidence in processes
  • Enable a single robust process globally whilst conforming to cross board data regulations
  • Reduce the time to notify and respond to minutes, allowing for the tightest of regulatory timeline to be met
  • Full audit log of all activities, recording all changes and values prior to and after any interaction

Supporting the privacy journey

Polonious for Privacy has been designed to help organisation of all sizes take the next step in their privacy journey. The move from paper based processes can be a tricky one but Polonious has over a decade of experience in supporting organisation on the road to automation, saving time, money and enabling increased efficiency throughout the organisation.
Data breach investigation
No organisation can prevent a data breach but Polonious can help you prepare for and respond to such an event.  
Subject access requests
  Increased awareness of individuals rights will lead to larger numbers of SAR’s to process. Leading to increased costs and inefficiency. Polonious for Privacy can automate the process whilst enabling visibility & validation at every stage and help you do more with less.
Right to be forgotten
As legislation changes around the world and people re-gain control of their personal information; organisations need to adapt to a new way of working. Polonious can support your organisation by putting in place a robust management system that can collect the evidence your organisation needs to demonstrate compliance and increasing efficiency.

Are you ready for the next stage?


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