Suncorp have been a Polonious customer since mid-2019, where one of our use cases is supporting the investigation of external fraud. In late 2019 they approached us to expand to their Applications team. The use case was straightforward – the applications team conducts preliminary checks of potentially fraudulent applications – and similar to the existing workflows. However, the new use case required integration with GBG’s ‘Instinct’ platform.

Both Polonious and GBG have significantly improved their integration capabilities recently by adding APIs for case creation and case updating, including adding actions within Polonious. While Suncorp prepared the security infrastructure, Polonious and GBG did some preliminary work feeling out the connection requirements in several test environments. Once the infrastructure was ready, we had an approach worked out and were able to implement using our standard API.

This is not to say the project wasn’t without its challenges – they all have their quirks. The infrastructure security design changed a few times as it contacted reality, and needed to change again quite late in the project as a conflict was discovered with an IP range we had already been using in the production system without issue. After a bit of scrambling, we managed to make it work without fundamental changes to the already implemented infrastructure.

Despite the challenges, we delivered on time and on budget. We’ve made a few tweaks and improvements since going live, to handle unexpected data and different user styles. In the five (5) months since going live, the team continue to manage cases in Polonious.

The key benefits for the team have been:

  • Single view of all anti-fraud activities in their area
  • Ability to link cases to each other
  • Ability to link multiple cases to a single party
  • Accurate reporting
  • Ability to drag and drop documentation into the case file
  • Ability to have a clear timeline of events
  • Polonious allows for a summary report of any case to be extracted at any time, making it easy for Detection to provide to stakeholders, managers etc should they require additional information about a particular case.