Polonious is pleased to announce their re-certification with ISO27001:2013 – Information Security and ISO9001:2015 – Quality. The re-certification audit covered all aspects of the Integrated Management System which governs all our business processes.

Polonious has certified with ISO27001 to make sure we follow best practice security and management processes throughout the organisation, giving our customers peace of mind about their data. ISO27001 ensures our management systems, development processes, and infrastructure design consider the latest threats and vulnerabilities. We also engage independent external security experts to perform regular penetration tests for our Knox Grade Polonious system infrastructure. Standard installations can enable individual aspects as required. Polonious staff can provide advice on secure workflow and user configuration.

Polonious has simultaneously certified with ISO9001 to ensure that we deliver a quality product that is not only secure, but that meets our customer’s needs. We strive for efficient implementation, an expanding suite of useful features, and regular feedback from our customers regarding performance and future features. Polonious is currently developing a modernised look and feel for the system, and new flexibility and configuration options, and we are using this feedback to inform future releases.

Polonious continuously improves its IMS and its business processes with internal audits, customer feedback, and issue analysis, as well as  biannual external audits with Best Practice. We would like to thank Best Practice for their work with us on this system, and we look forward to continuing to improve over the coming years.