Polonious World 2017 is over. Another year must tick before we get to gather again. What a great day that was for us and our clients.

Eight speakers with great content covering Terrorism, Cyber crime, Insurance Fraud, Student Integrity, Undercover work, Polonious and Productivity made for an excellent day’s knowledge and networking for over 100 delegates.

We also got to announce release 17.1 which we are very proud off and look a little into our aspirations and plans for our product and services over the next two releases 17.2 and 18.1.

The primary speaker Joe Pistone captured the audience with tales of undercover work for the FBI in the Bonnano and Colombo crime families in New York City. Joe has been a gracious guest with us for a few days in Sydney and we’ve loved having him down under.

Unexpectedly, 3 journalists from IDG, The Daily Telegraph and other publications covered the event from several angles.