“Case Management: A law enforcement perspective derived from practical experience in a complex, dynamic & unforgiving criminal justice system in the U.S.”

Tim Riley is the Assistant Chief of Police for the Port of Los Angeles Police Department. Before this time, Tim has over 37 years of law enforcement experience, 31 years with Newport Police Department, retiring as Captain, 5 years with the LAPD and 6 years as an executive with IBM in their Law Enforcement/Intelligence business.

The presenter leverages his extensive law enforcement & private sector public safety experience to review criminal case management, typical of the 18,000+ law enforcement agencies in the U.S. A compelling argument is made to promote the need to leverage a formal and automated case management solution for criminal investigations to increase case solving and administrative oversight. The presentation includes the emotional review, from personal experience, of a media-sensitive horrific double murder case that challenged the criminal justice system and strained police resources required to solve and manage the investigation.

About Polonious World

Polonious World is a free-to-attend event for investigators by Polonious – a world-leading Case Management software product for teams from 1-1000 investigators. It covers topics as varied as investigation techniques, running investigations teams, unique investigation case stories such as Operation Pendennis, Donnie Brasco and others as well as being a great networking event for investigation teams from Australia and around the world.