Adopt a world-leading methodology to transform your organisation to become more process centric


Polonious has developed a world-leading methodology for engaging with clients to transform their organisation to become more process centric.

Existing investigation methodology, resource management, evidence management and reporting requirement are thoroughly reviewed and once processes are understood we map them using our situation, action and metrics (SAM) methodology.


The Polonious Investigation Management System (PIMS) represents situations in a number of ways:


  • Status. This is the stage the investigation is currently up to. It is customised for each customer to reflect their business process.
  • Timeliness. Metrics like when the next action is due; the last action taken; the completion date and what are the escalations based on action and non-action in the workflow.
  • Priority. Prioritise which tasks should be addressed first or in a particular order.
  • Resources and budget. The resources which have been engaged or are required for the case. These include costs incurred, assets used and human resources like managers, administrators and specialists.



Within PIMS most user interactions with the investigation are via log entries that reflect the actions being taken by participants. These actions can cause a change in the situation, record metrics and upload investigation information, including documents, videos, images and audio recordings.

Polonious links actions to other actions, a lack of action, or set time periods for complete visibility over “who does what” in a case.



As actions are recorded in PIMS, these metrics are available for detailed intelligence about a case. Metrics can encompass the time taken to perform a task, expenses and different features of an investigation.

Reporting metrics are available for end of month, quarter or year reporting and can be linked directly to case data or attributes relating to evidence, people or organizations.


SAM for business

Situational awareness is key to not only understanding what is happening in a case, but more importantly what the best course of action is. The greater your situational awareness, the better the quality and timeliness of the information will be. This leads to better business decision making.

With Polonious Investigation Management Systems (PIMS) you ensure all participants have the best possible situational awareness and you are ready to take action.

With the right information correct actions are easily identified and poor choices are limited. With PIMS, actions can be limited by the current situation to assist participant decision-making and, if appropriate, stakeholders can be prompted to action something.

Once an action is taken it is critical to collect all relevant information about that action. PIMS can collect information about any investigation product; record details of new participants, organisations or assets identified; and record any exhibits collected to ensure your situational awareness is enhanced.


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