Online Transactions

Let your Fraud Analysts focus on investigating fraudulent transactions instead of maintaining cumbersome spreadsheets. Our Online Transaction workflow allows you and your team to manage these fraudulent transactions and add intuitive updates and the system takes care of the rest.

Polonious collects all the information as the case progresses. Polonious can automatically create cases using an automated import functionality that can help your Fraud Analysts save a lot of time so that they can focus on investigating the fraud instead of data entry. Polonious can integrate with various systems such as PRM etc. so that you can just mark the transactions as fraud in PRM and it can create a case in Polonious.

Key Benefits



Capture all key metrics related to transactions that are easily reportable


Automated case reports


Automated calculation of various amounts related to transactions

Application Highlights


Case View shows all the important information at a glance
Easily track the transactions using statuses and Case notes
Capture all important transaction data using metrics. Easily create reports based on this data

You benefit from using Polonious in so many ways…

More than any other factor, the ability to configure a case management solution to reflect your business process gives you a competitive and organizational advantage.


Faster turnaround times. By allowing users to focus on their core responsibilities and not administration and reporting, they are freed up to work the case and complete it in a timely manner.


Ease of navigation, offering easy to use person, organisation and entity searching, case filtering and deep data and document search functionality users can easily find critical information or cases and take action.


Instant overview of case statuses. Via the dashboard, users immediately get a view of their cases with statuses and key dates identified.


Instant updates. Managers in the office can access the newly added data at the press of a button and share it with internal or external clients.


Reduced administrative effort. Typically Polonious reduces case administration from 10 to 25%.


Guided behaviour via configuration of available actions makes it easy for users to understand what they should do next. Users can easily add updates and enter text, change statuses, upload documents or media, check off completed actions, record relevant metrics like case time, travel time, expenses or mileage traveled, proof entries made by others, record complaints or use the log entry as a basis to create a report.


Available anywhere, anytime, online or offline. Users in the field can update case information directly with any device that can run a browser or the ios or android application then sync back to Polonious when they next have access to the Internet.


Automated case reports. In many cases the reports can be completely automated using data, documents and images added during the investigation process.


Less is more. Users only see the parts of the system relevant to their involvement and only cases that they need to see. Once logged in, the user’s view of the world is dependent on many factors including their role in relation to a case such as as a specialist, supplier/vendor, staff member, manager or auditor, the current status of the case and the business units or organisations they are attached to.


Automated updates keep interested parties aware of the progress of their cases via status updates, emails or text (SMS) messages.

How To Minimise Fraudulent Online Transactions

According to CyberSecurity Ventures, global cybercrimes, such as online transaction fraud, are expected to cost economies $6 trillion USD, increasing annually by 15%. With so many fraud cases internationally, investigators worldwide are overwhelmed by their caseloads. Polonious software was designed to automate and streamline various administrative processes so investigators can spend more time focusing on the complex aspects of a fraudulent bank transaction case. We are working with financial institutions worldwide to minimize the number of fraudulent online transactions, so we have some tips to reduce fraud proactively.

What do Fraudulent online transactions look like?

Online fraud can appear in many ways, and as technology becomes more advanced, online fraud is becoming more sophisticated. Here’s what an online fraud transaction looks like;

  • Phishing scams. When a scammer pretends to be a representative acting on behalf of a financial institution, they can convince a person to give up personal information leading to identity theft or monetary theft.
  • Skimming fraud. This refers to a device attached to an ATM or a merchant’s terminal that takes your card’s details when the magnetic stripe is skimmed past. These details can either be used to create a counterfeit card or for card not present fraud.
  • Card not present fraud. Nowadays, you do not need a physical credit or debit card to make a purchase online. Instead, you just need a few critical pieces of information. While this might be more convenient for shoppers, it is far easier for scammers to retain details and commit card not present fraud.
  • False billing. Whether you are a large banking institution or an insurance provider, your customers can very easily fall prey to fraudulent billing scams sent out via email or text.

A fraud transaction is detected by looking out for; 

  • Unusually frequent transactions
  • Transactions associated with other high-risk or fraudulent accounts
  • Large sums of money suddenly spent or transferred
  • Frequent transactions in unusual locations

How can Polonious help recognize and minimize online transaction fraud?

Polonious software was designed to help investigators conduct more efficient inquiries and help institutions set up more comprehensive preventative measures.

  • Minimize administrative tasks. Polonious automates report generation, case creation templates, notifications, and communication, leaving investigators more time to focus on their cases’ complex aspects.
  • Integrates with other software. Polonious can integrate with systems such as PRM, Instinct and similar systems, so when you mark certain transactions as fraudulent, Polonious will automatically create a case.
  • Automated calculations. A large part of fraudulent transaction investigations involves calculations, but Polonious removes the hassle. Your team will just need to input the data, and Polonious will do the math for you.
  • Identify patterns early. Because Polonious generates innovative, comprehensive reports, you will be able to track and view instances of fraud early, so your team can investigate quickly and efficiently.

What sets Polonious Systems apart?

There are a few reasons why more banks and financial institutions are trusting Polonious software to take care of the investigation process’s administrative elements, allowing their teams to focus on the complex aspects of their online transaction fraud investigations.

  • We are experienced. Our software was developed by experts in investigations, software engineering, and IT. One of our co-CEOs, Alastair Steel, worked within a Special Investigations Unit for several years. We can provide financial institutions with technology that addresses issues unique to their specific industry because of this practical experience.
  • We are committed to advancements. At Polonious Systems, we understand the rapidly changing landscape of digital technology affects every industry differently. We have a team of incredibly experienced software developers, software engineers, and IT specialists working tirelessly to ensure that our software is the most advanced on the market. We are always looking for ways to pioneer with our systems, and we will never stop adapting and changing to meet our clients’ needs better.
  • We are passionate about our clients. Some of the team at Polonious have first-hand experience with fraud investigations, so we understand and respect our clients’ work and the processes they use to minimize fraud. We are dedicated to providing software that aids them with their jobs, delivering cutting-edge tools that allow them to conduct higher-quality fraud investigations.

Contact Polonious Systems for help managing and minimizing fraudulent online transactions

Since 2005, Polonious Systems have provided scalable workflow management and risk assessment software to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are committed to staying ahead of technological advancements and providing advice and support with IT capabilities across insurance investigation, banking, private investigations, and education. We are renowned for our wealth of experience, professional conduct, and willingness to support our clients comprehensively. If you are looking for software to assist with investigating fraudulent online transactions, contact the Polonious Systems team and find out what we can do for you.


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