ISO27001 and ISO9001 Risk Management

Fill out risk assessments online, with built in calculations for risk ratings and colour coding to flag high risks. Add action items to your treatment plan to automatically create follow up cases with their own workflow, all managed through a central hierarchy so you can cross reference risks and their treatments. Automate reminders for reassessment at chosen intervals. Easily export audit reports and action registers saving you time with external auditors.

Spend less time on paperwork and documentation, so you can focus on continuous improvement.

Key Benefits



Online risk assessments save time and calculate risk ratings for you


A single hierarchy of risks and treatments, cross referenced with assets


Registers and reports are easily exportable

Application Highlights


Manage all your risks in one place
Automatically sub treatment plans to your risk management cases when you choose to treat the risk
Link multiple assets to relevant risks

You benefit from using Polonious in so many ways…

More than any other factor, the ability to configure a case management solution to reflect your business process gives you a competitive and organizational advantage.


Faster turnaround times. By allowing users to focus on their core responsibilities and not administration and reporting, they are freed up to work the case and complete it in a timely manner.


Ease of navigation, offering easy to use person, organisation and entity searching, case filtering and deep data and document search functionality users can easily find critical information or cases and take action.


Instant overview of case statuses. Via the dashboard, users immediately get a view of their cases with statuses and key dates identified.


Instant updates. Managers in the office can access the newly added data at the press of a button and share it with internal or external clients.


Reduced administrative effort. Typically Polonious reduces case administration from 10 to 25%.


Guided behaviour via configuration of available actions makes it easy for users to understand what they should do next. Users can easily add updates and enter text, change statuses, upload documents or media, check off completed actions, record relevant metrics like case time, travel time, expenses or mileage traveled, proof entries made by others, record complaints or use the log entry as a basis to create a report.


Available anywhere, anytime, online or offline. Users in the field can update case information directly with any device that can run a browser or the ios or android application then sync back to Polonious when they next have access to the Internet.


Automated case reports. In many cases the reports can be completely automated using data, documents and images added during the investigation process.


Less is more. Users only see the parts of the system relevant to their involvement and only cases that they need to see. Once logged in, the user’s view of the world is dependent on many factors including their role in relation to a case such as as a specialist, supplier/vendor, staff member, manager or auditor, the current status of the case and the business units or organisations they are attached to.


Automated updates keep interested parties aware of the progress of their cases via status updates, emails or text (SMS) messages.

How To Minimise And Manage Risk In Your Business

Organizations of all sizes are frequently looking for ways to minimize, mitigate, and manage risk. Fortunately, Polonious risk management ISO compliance software offers an innovative solution to streamline the risk management process. We are here to introduce you to Polonious Systems and walk you through the ways you can use Polonious ISO compliance software to minimize and manage risk in your workplace.

Common risk management mistakes to avoid

At Polonious, we have been integrating ISO compliance software into businesses globally for over 15 years. We have seen a few common mistakes organizations make when implementing risk and compliance software throughout that time. Here are a few things to avoid when integrating business risk management systems.

  • Don’t ignore the findings. Polonious risk management ISO compliance software is designed to help you address gaps in your products and services’ quality and improve your organizations’ security measures.
  • Consider the level of risk carefully. One of Polonious ISO compliance software’s handy features is that you can create a hierarchy of risks and treatments, color coding high risks for your convenience. Don’t choose an inadequate plan to address high-risk issues. Likewise, do not go overboard on lower-risk situations.
  • Don’t look into risk management software for marketing purposes. You may think it’s a great selling point to tell your customers that your organization uses ISO 9001 software and is compliant. However, unless you strive for continuous improvement, there is no point in investing in risk management ISO compliance software.

A few tips to managing risk and remaining compliant

If you are committed to keeping your organization compliant and managing risk wherever possible, here are a few tips to using Polonious to your advantage.

  • Do not over-complicate your risk assessment methods. Many organizations make their risk management process too complex, resulting in flaws when addressing particular issues. Polonious simplifies your risk assessment process, giving you clear and concise indications about which areas need your attention.
  • Involve the whole team. Ensure you regularly train employees and management on what ISO compliance looks like and how to remain compliant. By making risk management a team effort, you are more likely to avoid error and compliance issues down the track.
  • Conduct regular audits. Auditing is an opportunity to improve and mitigate risk, so audit your organization regularly on their ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliance.
  • Always look for opportunities to improve. Risk management policy and procedure should constantly be evolving and adapting to meet the latest compliance recommendations. Look through reports for potential weaknesses and address them as soon as they arise.

What can Polonious risk management ISO compliance software do for you?

Polonious is a leading provider of risk management software, and it is not hard to see why more businesses are choosing us for risk and compliance.

  • Keep track of which assets are linked to which risks. When your risk management software identifies any potential risks, make sure you link assets related to that risk so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the possible consequences.
  • Streamline your reporting processes. Save yourself time on correlating information and creating reports with Polonious’ simple report generation functions. You will have access to a wealth of knowledge about your inventories, all in an easy-to-understand report format. Your internal and external investigations and auditing teams will be able to use these comprehensive reports to ensure you meet ISO regulatory requirements.
  • Build better workflows. If your current workflow processes are not working for you, use Polonious’ innovative workflow design tool to create processes that enhance productivity.
  • Saves you time. By automating a considerable number of administrative tasks, Polonious helps free up your time to focus on improving your workflows and asset management system.
  • Simplify processes for all involved. Using Polonious will make your risk management system simpler for employees, management, and auditors alike.
  • Identify gaps in your policies. Polonious’ management project tools will allow you to see gaps in your systems and procedures, meaning you can continuously improve and amend any policies that are not working for your organization.

If you are looking for high-quality risk management ISO compliance software, contact Polonious Systems today

Since 2005, Polonious Systems have provided scalable workflow management and risk assessment software to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are committed to staying ahead of technological advancements and providing advice and support with IT capabilities across insurance investigation, banking, private investigations, and education. We are renowned for our wealth of experience, professional conduct, and willingness to support our clients comprehensively. If you are looking for risk management ISO compliance software, contact the Polonious Systems team and find out what we can do for you.

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