Single view shows every case & the status w/ Polonious dynamic dashboards

Small business owners can keep track of all cases in their memory and as requirements grow spreadsheets, directories and email inboxes become the de facto repositories for case information. There is a better way to see what is going on in the business other than navigating through and manually sorting endless lists of cases.

Having mountains of paper holding back critical business processes is ripe for reorganization. And replacing piles of paper with the same type of system on a computer screen often fails to improve productivity.

Polonious is dashboard-centric and gives a concise view of your cases beyond simple lists, sorting and colour-coding. Benefits of a dashboard include:

  • Single view. The dashboard shows you every case and the current situation of that case in one single view. By default a dashboard will show you the status of all your investigations, priority, complaints, actions due, management review due, due and overdue.
  • Comprehensive. A single view from which you can understand every lead, case or other process in your system. To drill down to a list of cases displayed on the dashboard you simply click on those cases.
  • Configurable. The view is changeable depending on your needs. The dashboard is definable down to the user level and you can name and save your favorite views. Cases can be viewed by status, investigator, organization, priority, state and type as examples.

Polonious also has a fully-customizable dashboard view where users can select charts to view. All are clickable and filter the view with the selections made.

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