Polonious is pleased to announce that it is moving its user group to the Slack platform (https://slack.com), to create an easier to join, more interactive, and more content rich user group.

Slack offers a number of benefits over the existing user group set up. Primarily, we can use it for conducting webinars and training through both video and chat, as well as posting webinar videos back into Slack for those that couldn’t join. Slack also allows direct chat with other users in addition to the message board style discussion, so you can discuss your experiences with other users and hear about the amazing things our users are doing. Lastly, it’s easier to join and manage your user profile.

We will send the current user group an invitation to join the Slack group within the next few days. We will follow up with invitations to the channels where we will be posting user related information – #announcements, #releasenotes, #guidesandtips, and #userchat. Please click the link in the invitation to move across to the new platform.

If you’re not yet a member of the user group and you would like to join, please get in touch!