We use the term ‘workflow process’ to describe what we do, but what does it actually mean? Why are systems that capture a process superior to those that are merely a database?

Rick will be discussing how workflow process systems drive productivity and efficiency and how your organizational goals can be met through using them.

About the speaker

Rick Shepherd is the president of Polonious Investigation Management Systems and has been in senior management in the fraud investigation arena for over two decades. His focus has been bringing systems and solutions to investigative organizations and helping managers build their units through workflow management, metrics, and analysis.

About Polonious World

Polonious World is a free-to-attend event for investigators by Polonious – a world-leading Case Management software product for teams from 1-1000 investigators. It covers topics as varied as investigation techniques, running investigations teams, unique investigation case stories such as Operation Pendennis, Donnie Brasco and others as well as being a great networking event for investigation teams from Australia and around the world.