NKG Management Services – Risk Solutions have chosen Polonious for their case management solution.

The values that Nick Gianoudis founded his boutique fraud investigation and risk management firm on in 1999 – being unique and quality focused – have been the hallmark of NKG’s success. Over the past 15 years NKG has grown its client base across corporate, commercial and government organisations.

So successful in fact that the administration burden of providing such high quality investigations was of grave concern. Nick said “Our manual systems, spread sheets and processes served us well when the business was in its infancy but as we grew it became obvious hiring more administration staff to meet growth wasn’t the answer.”

Proving the value of a comprehensive interactive strategy, combining factual and surveillance investigations has been the cornerstone of NKG’s success.

“The success outcomes to this approach have been shown time and time again. However, adding multiple investigators to a case increases the managerial and quality control components which represent significant costs.” Advised Amanda Gleeson NKG’s Operation Manager.

In November 2013 NKG selected Polonious as its preferred electronic case management system and were live by mid January 2014.

“Polonious have been in the Australian market for eight years, Co Founder Alastair Steel has run his own investigation firm and understands the needs of the investigative provider” said Nick.

“The introduction of the electronic running sheet has been a feature that has had an immediate improvement and direct cost saving.” said Amanda

“Since deploying Polonious, business has increased without having to hire new admin staff – the system pays for itself each month.” said Nick.

Alastair Steel, Co-founder of Polonious said “It was a privilege to work with NKG and roll out Polonious. They are a high quality operation with unique needs and it was a credit to their team and ours that we enhanced their business offering. We are looking forward to a long business partnership.”