Polonious Case Management meeting our clients challenges

As many of you know Polonious was recently presented to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse by both the Catholic Education Melbourne and The Australian Society of Jesus (Jesuits) as the system of choice for improving transparency and accountability in serious complaint management.

This week a report has been released gauging the systemic sexual abuse facing Universities in Australia. Driven by a documentary called “The Hunting Ground” [currently available on Netflix in Australia] the survey of Australian Universities has reported some of the adequacies or inadequacies of University administration to manage sexual abuse.

Congratulations to the Polonious development team for meeting a tight time frame for one of Australia’s largest Universities. The web form and associated workflow went live a day a head of the schedule.

Very satisfying to be working with motivated customers and colleagues.

To read more about the topic follow the links below.

Australian Human Rights Commission Report here:

See the SMH Article here:

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