If you’re having challenges getting recorded statements under current COVID-related restrictions, consider this solution.

Because of the unusual environment, we’re all adapting to now, more and more investigative organizations are searching for solutions that will help them manage their cases in a setting where personal contact and face to face meetings are not possible.

One solution many managers are turning to is a virtual interview platform that allows you to record video statements over the web with some interesting and helpful features. Companies like Splashlight Telehealth, located in Des Moines, Iowa, and Eviid out of The United Kingdom, can provide a number of significant advantages to investigative organizations.

Virtual interview platforms like these can be good solutions for anyone charged with conducting recorded or non-recorded statements, alive and well checks, examinations under oath, property damage inspections, activity checks, and remote depositions. They’ve been used in all types of claims and investigations, and the efficiency gains and operational advantages to them have been impressive.

According to Scott Gayton, Executive Director at Claims Bureau USA, a nationwide surveillance and investigation company, using this kind of virtual interview technology has too many advantages to ignore. His company recently made the decision to go with Splashlight’s 3V product and he’s excited about the potential he sees. Gayton sees the improvements they’ll realize in turnaround time as an unheralded aspect of going to this
program as opposed to in-person interviews.

“It’s so much quicker than trying to schedule an interview that might need to be rescheduled more than once to coordinate schedules,” Gayton said. “If someone has to cancel because they had to leave the house, you just tell them, that’s ok, we’ll just call you for a teleconference when you get home.” He added, “Getting a quick interview is especially important to a claims analyst who may be trying to make a quick decision on a claim payment.”

Gayton also cited cost savings as a factor. Personnel can be costly, and an alive and well check that potentially consumes five-minutes of face-to-face time can require a trip across town, tracking down a claimant, or dealing with scheduling issues. All that can add up.

Some insurers are currently operating under a moratorium on fieldwork, which makes conducting interviews a challenge for special investigation units. This type of solution can be the perfect remedy for someone under those restrictions, or who might be required to pay hazard pay to their employees under the current conditions.

Polonious is very familiar with Splashlight’s 3V product as we began integrating their technology into our case management system in the middle of last year to make these advantages available to our customers. We’ve seen an uptick in interest lately in the use of Splashlight’s 3V technology through our system. This is primarily due to the recent suspended travel mandates and restrictions on contact. Polonious automates the routines
required to set up these interviews, creates the interview case in Splashlight, sets scheduling and details on the interview and captures the data and media that is the product of them.

What makes these types of solutions different from using, say, a Webex or Skype type of solution? Well, aside from the bandwidth strain we’ve seen lately on those types of platforms as workforces transition to telecommuting, the Splashlight 3V application provides some advantages that others can’t.

First, the interviewee doesn’t need to install an app or have any additional hardware other than their mobile device or laptop. Potential technology hiccups inherent in those platforms can derail an interview and can be avoided by using a recorded statement solution. That also makes the meeting location much more flexible. If it’s for an assessment of physical damage, for instance, the interview and inspection can be done as the claimant is walking from site to site to show the damage. You can also schedule meetings through the platform (a big advantage when it comes to coordinating) which also allows you to avoid bouncing between multiple apps. Additionally, Splashlight provides interpreters and a transcript if that is what you require.

Since multiple screens can be open at the same time and things like ancillary footage can be shown, a claimant’s reaction to the introduction of evidence can be captured for posterity. This can actually add a bit more to the evidence gathered as some of these reactions, (for example to video of a staged accident), can be quite interesting and even amusing.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Polonious Case Management System integrates with products like these to make your operation more efficient, contact us at 888-650-7656 or come to our website at Polonious-Systems.com.

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